Hi Highlanders!


The Faculty and Staff Wellness program and The WELL bring you R’Move, an online physical activity tracking program, where you track your steps and earn prizes! The more you MOVE, the more you win!

R’Move is a FREE physical activity tracking program (WalkerTracker), that syncs with your activity device (such as, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, etc. or your IPhone or Android phone). Steps are automatically uploaded to your profile.

You can: 

  • Create competitions with friends and co-workers.
  • Connect with friends and co-workers and keep each other accountable!
  • Any physical activity can be tracked and converted to “steps"
  • Use the Activity Converter to convert your physical activity into steps.
  • As you accumulate Steps you will earn prizes! Prizes will be available for pick-up starting in December 2017
  • Prize Structure:
    • Level 1: 250,000 Steps
    • Level 2: 500,000 Steps
    • Level 3: 750,000 Steps
    • Level 4: 1,000,000 Steps
    • Level 5: 1,500,000 Steps
    • Level 6: 2,000,000 Steps
    • Level 7: 2,500,000 Steps
    • Level 8: 3,000,000 Steps


*While supplies last we will have basic pedometers available.


Faculty and Staff if you have any questions, please contact Nicole Collins at extension 2-5082 or email at Nicole.collins@ucr.edu

Students if you have questions, please contact Humberto Santiago at extension 2-5501 or email Humberto.santiago@ucr.edu.








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